New website up & running — free trial for May!

We hope this blog can be a way for us to communicate to our readers the sorts of extras that don’t make it into the newspaper itself. The Times blog is one of many new features we’ve added to our website.

Everything’s viewable on a computer or on a smartphone or tablet.

There’s an interactive “e-edition” for each day’s paper that lets you search for certain words. Click on a link on the front page to jump to the story inside the paper.

We’re also in the process of archiving all our papers that we have stored digitally, which goes back to 2007. That process should be finished in May.

We’ve also added multimedia capabilities to our stories on the website — video, audio and even photo galleries that aren’t in the print edition.

Each story has a comments section. To keep it civil, we’re using Facebook’s comments plugin — everyone has to use their real name. If you don’t have Facebook, you can sign in with your Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account.

We’ve also got free forums with links to all the stories on a certain subject so you can read up on an issue and discuss it with other readers. There’s also a calendar with upcoming events and important deadlines.

We’re making the website free to everyone in the month of May so you can see how you like it while our staff gets used to keeping it up to date.

On June 1, the paywall will go back up. It will be available to anyone, anywhere, for $8 per month. Or, if you subscribe to the print edition of the Times, it’s just $4 per month — less than a buck a week.

Let us know how the new website is working for you, and give us any suggestions you have that would give you a better experience!

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